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Undergraduate Level Internships:

         Are you excited about the opportunity to get your feet wet? We have limited undergraduate-level opportunities.  In your psychology internships, you'll gain skills in teamwork, community outreach, organization, resourcing for client care, accountability, problem-solving, case consultations, and working alongside an interactive team. Internship opportunities for psychology students can foster great exploration within the counseling field since there are so many paths in psychology to consider and understand.

Graduate Level Internships:

           Our Co-Director Dr. Hannah Davis is the internship field placement instructor at a local University. Dr.  Davis works in close proximity to students at this developmental level and has great awareness and insight into the inner workings of university systems, expectations, and how students can successfully integrate working with their university and internship site.  The Training Institute at Forge is an approved site with multiple universities in Colorado, we have worked with most and we are always excited to work with more.

  • We require that students spend at least 2 semesters at Forge

  • We recommend 3 semesters (a full calendar year).

  • An internship at this level would include exposure to the administrative aspects of clinical practice training, learning how to manage your own caseload, psychodiagnostic intake and assessment, case consultation among peers and the licensed team, supervision with a variety of team members, and the opportunity to observe licensed professionals do therapy.


         Some Universities outsource their student practicum experiences to other approved entities.  At Forge, we provide practicum students with a practicum instructor, an appropriate caseload, recording of sessions, observation of live sessions, case consultation, continued education, and a group learning environment. 

Social Work Masters Programs - Internship Year 1:

          We would like students at this level to gain some clinical experience outside of the private practice realm and ask that you consider applying after this year is finished.

Social Work Masters Programs - Internship Year 2:

          At Forge, we understand that your social work training comprises more than clinical hours and exposure. You will gain hands-on experience in case management, assessment, evaluation, and treatment of clients. 

Counseling Masters Programs: 

           Designed to help supervisees extend their training from practicum into internship.  At this juncture, the emphasis is placed on the real-world application of supervisees' curriculum training; including direct clinical hours in individual counseling and group work. Participating in didactic training and staffing, and contributing to the team in a variety of ways. Our goal is to help you push yourself professionally and personally, while we support you each step of the way.  

Post-Masters Level Externships:

             We are a great fit for students who are self-motivated, have strong clinical skills, a strong work ethic, and want to integrate as part of a dynamic team.  Being a part of our collective is a huge part of why we all work together. We aren't interested in candidates that just want to see clients, get their hours of licensure, and be done. Candidates at this level are also being vetted to be offered a full-time position within our collective when the time is right. 

Doctoral Level Internships:

             We provide exemplary supervision, informed by several of our clinicians' advanced training in Counselor Education and Supervision.  For those who are training in CES, we would be excited to work with you in completion of the variety of your necessary internship hours. An internship at this level would include exposure to research, consultation, leadership, supervision, and clinical hours.


How to Apply:

Complete the application that applies to all positions via Google Forms here:



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