Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about how the counseling process works. Perhaps, you've had an excellent counseling experience, and reaped the benefits and would like to start counseling again. Maybe you've attempted counseling previously, and the therapist didn't seem to fit your needs or personality.  Perhaps the timing in your life didn't quite jive, and you didn't feel the relief you were hoping for.  Or, maybe you've never attended counseling and what to know what all the buzz is about. 

Counselors at Forge, understand that potential clients have all have very different experiences with counseling. We know the courage it takes to make the step towards and counseling, and want to help potential clients feel less anxious and develop a greater understanding of counseling in general.

Below we've provided common questions clients ask, if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We offer free phone consultations and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule an appointment. 


    Why do people choose to start counseling?

People choose to engage in counseling for a variety of reasons. Sometimes life or recent changes life has brought upon us can seem so overwhelming it can feel challenging to manage. Counseling can help with coping with difficult times, better preparing us for future hard times. 
Frequently, individuals find themselves taking care of everyone else, and find that they are neglecting their own self-care, feeling burned out. Choosing counseling to help integrate more balance in their life, and use the time as their own private place to devote to their own self-care, which in turn helps feel less burned out.
At Forge, we've heard over and over again that our clients enjoy having a neutral person, whom they can confide in. Someone that is unrelated to other people in their life, and feel freer to share their private frustrations triumphs and struggles, without worrying about judgment or consequences. 
So... who needs counseling?
The stigma attached to counseling has dissipated over the years; however, the unfortunate reality remains,  there are a lot of misconceptions about the counseling process. These common misconceptions have only been perpetuated by the media's inaccurate representation or "modeling" of the counseling process. 
The reality remains, counseling is beneficial for EVERYONE, it doesn't have to take YEARS to start experiencing the benefits of the counseling process. There is NOTHING WRONG with individuals, couples or families that ask for help. In fact, here at Forge, we believe it takes courage to ask for help and using that courage exhibits strength and smarts!  At Forge, we do not think that we are the experts of our clients' story, our clients' are, and feel privileged to be asked to join their journey. 
What are the benefits of counseling...?

  • Reduction of anxiety 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Decreased symptoms of depression

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Trauma resolution

  • Regaining emotional balance

  • Stress relief

  • Greater connection to self and others

  • Increased intimacy with self and others 

  • Ability to set better boundaries 

  • Improved communication with others 

  • (especially true for couples and family counseling)

  • Increased assertiveness

  • Increased creativity


    Who will know what we talk about​​?

      We understand that it is difficult to discuss sensitive subjects with us.  We keep strict confidentiality with our clients. Confidentiality means that most of what we talk about is kept between you and your therapist. However, few conditions breach confidentially.  

These limitations include: 

  • Disclosure of child or elder abuse

  • Children witnessing domestic violence

  • A subpoena or court order

  • If we believe you are a threat to yourself or others

  • A threat to national security

  • If we would ever have to call 911 or emergency services while you are in session.