Child Counseling

How Does Play Therapy Work?

If you're searching for child counseling, it's likely that one of the key factors you're looking for is a counselor who can help your child feel at ease. When you choose play therapy for your child, you're creating a situation that allows them to express themselves in a comfortable environment. Play therapy works because children naturally express their feelings through play. Our play therapists understand how to create situations and ask questions of your child that will inform the therapeutic process through the natural process of play. Play therapy can reveal communication issues and bring to light internal struggles that your child is experiencing but isn't sure how to verbalize on their own.

If your child has been recommended for child counseling by their school counselor, pediatrician, teacher, or other professional, play therapy may be a good fit to help your child work through any issues that they're having. It's our goal to help your child understand and learn in a way that's natural to them. Play therapy allows your child to relax in a comfortable environment with their therapist, working through issues that are holding them back from living life to the fullest. Reach out to Forge Counseling Collective today to learn more about how our play therapy sessions can provide your child with the help they need to make progress in any area of their life.